You Are Invincible

“When you look at powerful people, charismatic people, people that you call masters of whatever it is they are masters of, it is because they want something, that they believe they can do.

When you are a vibrational match to your own desire and you are sending one signal, you are literally invincible!

Nothing can keep it from happening!

And you hear of those people, who are so stubborn, you might call them, or determined.

In other words, they hold themselves in vibrational alignment with what they want.

They don’t allow themselves to split their own energy.

Everything that you are living has everything to do with whether your energy is aligned or you energy is split.

Because when your energy is split, you water down your power.

When you say, “I want this, BUT!”, you are offering two signals that are in contradiction to each other, and the Universe cannot respond to your clear signal because you’re not offering a clear signal.

But when you fork your way up the emotional scale, and you come into vibrational alignment with what you want so you are sending one signal, then is must be!

It is law! It has to be! Heaven and Earth part! Amazing things happen!

People who don’t understand this, who don’t understand about forking, who don’t understand about closing the gap, who don’t understand about vibration, stand back in amazement and complain at your good fortune, when they don‘t have the same good fortune.

Everyone is entitled to the same good fortune!

But you’ve got to work your own magic!

You’ve got to work yourself up that emotional scale.

You cannot continue to fork off in the direction of what you don’t want and then be surprised when what you don’t want manifests!”Abraham Hicks 🙏🌏❤️💫


Is it still possible to manifest the things you want in your life when it feels like the whole world is falling apart ?

100% yes.

After all if we really believe in the power of law of attraction we know that everything in our own life is simply a response to our own vibration.

No matter how it looks from the outside.

Check out the video from our friend Alex at Manifestation Magic.

It contains a message from the Universe that maybe it’s time for you to let this be a little easier….

The video will introduce you to what he calls the ultimate manifestation tool.

A tool that can raise your vibration to match the frequency of wealth and success in all areas of your life.

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Just click play and the powerful theta brainwave technology embedded in the audio relaxes your brain into a state normally achieved only after many long hours of meditation……and opens the door to the deepest levels of your subconscious.

Alex’s Manifestation Magic audio program is designed to clear deeply integrated patterns and allow your frequency to soar … that you become a match to the higher vibrational experiences you desire.

Whilst subliminally implanting your subconscious with powerful new beliefs that allow the things you really want in your life to be drawn to you.

Effortlessly and naturally.

“I’m not worthy”… becomes…. “I’m unique and powerful.”

“I don’t deserve it”… becomes…. “I effortlessly receive.”

“I’m a failure” ….is replaced by “I can accomplish anything.”

Limiting, subconscious beliefs get reprogrammed and vibrational blocks vanish.

That have sometimes been there for a lifetime.

It is a powerful shortcut to raise your vibration.

✅ There are no books to read.

✅ No courses to study.

✅ And no exercises you must practise before you see results.

The audio track does all the work, raising your vibration and clearing away the negative programming thats been holding you back for years.

Creating a powerful gravitational force that draws whatever you desire into your orbit ( what Alex calls “energy orbiting” ).

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