You Want To Be Happy

“You wanna be HAPPY.

And if you will stop attaching the WHY you are happy to the things you think you need to manifest before you can BE happy, and discover that you can focus yourself into being happy anyway….

THEN… THEN the manifestation MUST come!

OF COURSE it´s about manifestation!
OF COURSE it´s about being here and being physical!
OF COURSE it´s about the way you feel.
OF COURSE it´s about the way you interact with your environment!
OF COURSE it´s about all of that……..

But if you can make this shift, where what is, right here right now, is less important than the way you feel – so much less important, that you are willing to ignore what is right here, right now – and focus on ANYTHING that will make you feel better, until you have tuned yourself to the frequency that does feel better – THEN from inside the Vortex, the Vortex will cause the manifestation that you seek.

Manifestation of EMOTION first, and then- more detailed manifestations, following that.

What we´re showing you, is how worlds are created.

We´re showing you how you are the creator of your own reality.

But if we could convince you, that if you just would go with the feeling of it, if you would stop taking score of what has filled in – it will fill in!”

You’re creators. You didn’t come here to sit on a cloud and just OM!

That was not your plan.

You came into the details of all of this delicious beauty, in all of this delicious leading-edge representation of vibration.


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*Image by Free-Photos  on Pixabay*



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