Your Destiny Has You

“Your Inner Being is most desirous of YOU, being a cooperative component to your own creation!!

And that´s why it feels like such a powerful CALLING.

And that´s why you feel such satisfaction, when you´re having any thought that´s moving towards it.

And that´s why you´re feeling an uneasy tugging, when you´re having a thought that takes you from it.

When you go contrary to any of the knowledge that you have come to – through all that you have lived….

Then you aren´t moving in the direction of your DESTINY!

And the reason that the word destiny is a good word is, can you feel ….






In time you will understand, that your destiny has GOT you!

Your destiny HAS you!

Your destiny, made up of individual choices.

But you´ve got to make the choice to want to FEEL GOOD, to be anywhere near it.” Abraham Hicks 🌏❤️💫 🙏 

Do you know that YOU are NOT average ?

Your fingerprints are different from anyone else’s on this earth.

You are a unique combination of DNA that has never been, and will never be seen again in the universe.

And while you’re here, it might be a good idea to find out what you love to do most, and do it.

One of the good things about this enforced period of down time is that it is giving people the time and space to actually ask some of the bigger questions about their life here.

And how they actually WANT to use it.

If you have been a little bit confused about exactly what your mission is here on planet Earth….

Our friends Ric and Liz over at Power Quadrant System have put together something pretty amazing to help you discover it.

Check it out here



Remember, we all deserve to find and live our true calling.

It’s why we’re here.

Take the time to get clear on YOUR purpose and watch your life go to a whole new level.

Check it out here.



*Image by Satya Tirawi on Pixabay*


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