Your True Power

“You are an extension of source energy, and just wait until you tune into this, on a regular basis!

Wait until you discover, what non resisted thought will bring to you!

This is the energy that creates worlds!

This is the focus, that puts all things that you deem wonderful about your time and place, this is what has allowed that to become.

You are the hands-in-the-clay-Creator, of your own experience.

And when you are in tune with it, when you are in tune and in sync with it, when you are in the zone, when you are tuned in, turned on, tapped on, when you FEEL GREAT- when you feel eager, when you feel full, when you feel SATISFIED, you know that these emotions are your indicator, that you´ve got yourself tuned into the frequency of who you REALLY are…

And you are experiencing in those moments the AWESOMENESS, the AMAZING POWER, of nonresisted thought.

The awesome power of non-resisted thought will help you create an empire. And a mansion. And ANYTHING else in the world that you can even conceive, that you want.


NOTHING is out of your reach.”Abraham Hicks 🙏🌎❤️💫

I’m sure you’ve heard the often repeated statement that we only actually use 10% of our brains.

But what if we could access all of it ?

Achieve super – hero like abilities ?

Check out this video from our friends at NLP Hero.

It’s a pretty fascinating account of how a California professor in 1972 discovered how to “hack” the brain to produce amazing  “super-human” results in his students.

And how YOU can do the same ✅

Watch the video here.





*Image by Koon Boh Goh on Pixabay*


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