You’ve Got Friends In High Places

“When you´ve got some momentum going, so that you are up to speed with those artists, those masters of creation, and you allow yourself to be the receiver of their impulses.

When you allow the great masters to paint THROUGH you, to sculpt through you, to live through you in that moment, and that thrill that you feel, that certainty that you feel, that confidence
that you feel, that clarity that you feel ….

That´s what co-creating with source-energy feels like!

All of us, focused together, on the things that matter to you!

Because, you are leading edge creators.

You are our leading edge!

You are the leading edge of that which we are all about.

You´ve all got friends in high places.

But most of you are not tuning to the frequency of them so you´re missing the benefit of them.”   Abraham Hicks  🌏  ❤️ 💫  🙏 


It’s amazing to think of all the non-physical help we actually have available to us if only we can tune into it….

Check out this video from our friend Bob Doyle over at The Raikov Effect.

It shows the secret Russian experiments conducted in the 70’s by a Neuropsychologist called Vladimir Raikov …..

Which turned unwitting students into Einstein level geniuses, world class musicians, even unlocked super human powers……..while a whole audience watched, all in under an hour.

It’s a pretty fascinating watch.

Check it out here





*Image by beatte bachmann on Pixabay*





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