A New Level of Appreciating Yourself

Check out this awesome law of attraction video from Abraham-Hicks, the opening monologue from the 2017 French Riviera cruise, and get ready for a whole new level of appreciating yourself 🙂

“It is our expectation that you will find a new level of appreciating yourself. That you will come to recognize the perfection – not the finished perfection – but the current perfection of who you are.You are an extension of Source Energy. But you are not separated from that Source Energy.

You are an extension of Source Energy and that Source Energy is flowing to you and through you. It is a part of you. If you want something and you don’t believe, you are calling it and pushing it away at the same time. That’s what causes stress and tension. That’s what every negative emotion is about.

It is our desire that you figure how to balance your desire and your belief, so that you come to expectation of what you are asking for, so that you come to realize consciously, that you are a powerful creator, here with magnificent intent and purpose, with so many resources at your fingertips, and so much non-physical assistance flowing to you.

“You do not have to develop patience once you get the hang of this. Instead, you will find yourself enjoying the unfolding of your desire.Your work is so simple. Your work is just to think thoughts that match the desire, rather than it’s absence. To say words that match the desire, rather than it’s absence. To tell the story of what you are creating, rather than the story of the reason why you are creating it.”

For more law of attraction videos from Abraham Hicks, check out their official Youtube channel.

You can also check out their official website.

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