What’s Your Work ?

” You must understand, that this is a vibrational countenance that you are achieving.

On the one hand, it is…

“I wanna be clear, I wanna have money, I wanna be good this way, I wanna do this…”

Of course, those are all things that you want.

And we want to blur all of this intentions, and make only one intention….

“I want to create a vibrational environment, that is conducive to THAT.”

That is 100% of your work: Control of your vibrational environment.”Abraham Hicks 🙏🌏❤️💫

How do we actually go about taking control of the vibrations we are putting out into the Universe ?

After all, our thoughts, emotions, words and actions are all vibrations, and equal how the Universe is responding to us and the results we get in our lives.

Especially at a time like this when it feels like we are so out of control ?

Well it all starts with coming to that neutral, quiet space in the middle.

The space in-between thoughts.

And the best way to do that is by quieting the mind.

Quieting the noise and the chatter.

And the best way to do that ?


Check out this free meditation audio from our friends over at Zen 12.


It is designed especially for those of us who struggle with quieting our minds and packs all the benefits of an hours meditation into just 12 minutes.

Claim yours here.



*Image by enriquelopezgarre on Pixabay*

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