Relief – Abraham Hicks


As a passionate online business owner and follower of the law of attraction I’m always looking for ways to help leverage the power of law of attraction in my business and life.

I love this awesome Abraham-Hicks excerpt from a workshop where Abraham is talking to a man looking to start a new business venture.

“We want you to decide that you are going to direct the thoughts in order to INDUCE the feeling response. In other words, you are the maker of the feeling of relief. You’re no longer asking for the economy to be the maker of the feeling of relief. Or somebody to buy your product and that to be the maker of your feeling of relief. 

You’re going to start counting on something that you CAN count on, which is your ability to direct yourself slightly downstream instead of slightly upstream. You’re going to start pointing yourself deliberately downstream in order to INDUCE relief, because someone who can IRRATIONALLY induce relief, will always have outrageous success. 

We want you to be IRRATIONAL in your willingness to produce personal relief in your belly.

And as you do that, that means you will consistently be releasing resistance, which means all that time that you’ve been living all that stuff you’re not the only one that has put this magnificent business out there in your vibrational future.

Billions of people around the planet have put this magnificent business out there in the future of so many of you, you see. 

Don’t use your rationale to line up with it. Use the power of your ability to direct your thought. You line up with your dreams about this, and the Universe will find a way to carve out a niche for you. And anybody standing back and watching you will say, ‘It is amazing what’s going on with you. This doesn’t happen to anyone.’ And we say, ‘Happens to everyone who is irrationally able to induce their own relief.”

– Abraham Hicks

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