Those Who Really DO Aren’t “DOING”

“What we are talking about is this movement from the Vortex, where it´s unseen, into the bank-account where it is seen.

In other words, this transfer from vibration into material.

And we want you to understand, there is an infinite array of ways that you are not even considering, that you not even possibly COULD consider!

AT BEST you can make a bulky, general list.

But oh, when you get tuned into this, and the ideas start flowing, the flow of energy, and the flow of economics, and the flow of prosperity- IT’S UNLIMITED.

Unlimited resources.

Look even at the economics of today.

And think of how robust it is in comparison to a 100 years ago.

And, a 100 years ago NO ONE could have conceived of the avenues, through which the abundance flows!

Or the heights to which the abundance has swollen!

Or the degree, to which the abundance affects the details, of your life-experience, you see.

So let´s not make a puny little list.

Let´s just call it UNLIMITED, and open ourselves to the ideas, that are ripe for the plucking, NOW.

So you start saying things like….

“There are WAY more ways then I can think of right now, and putting myself in a corner, where I lay out 5 things is LIMITING.

I´m not gonna do that anymore.

I´m going to accept the unlimitedness of it!

I´m going to accept the ripeness of the ideas, that I´m about to receive.”

-It´s hard for a “Do-er”, isn´t it?

It´s annoying, when you and others don´t “DO”.

But those who REALLY DO, aren´t “doing”.

Those that are REALLY receiving, have this vibrational flow going.” Abraham Hicks

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