Allow All That You Are

“Allow ALL that you are, HERE. NOW.

No blockage.

No petty issues. No “I don´t like that way you did that”…

None of that.

Tuned in to source- and living life the way,

you and source intended to live life, here and now!”

Hot Seater:

“And recognizing, that anything we call issues

will have to be considered petty- if we wanna be that…?”

“OR step 1!

Delicious step 1, clarifying points!

You see, THAT´S why we don´t get out of whack, when you get out of whack!

We KNOW you´r having step 1, and you came here to have some of that!

We know, NONE OF US can expand- there can be no infinity-there can be no eternal, there can be no ever-lasting, if there is no “new”- and there can´t be new, unless there are questions that bring new answers!

Or problems, that bring new solutions!

It´s ALL part of it.”

Abraham Hicks

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