The Sweet Spot

“We would like you, all of you, to feel the Sweet Spot between where you are and where you wanna be!

And this is gonna feel frivolous to you, but play with this, anyway!

Isn’t it almost delicious to have an itch on your back?

As long as there is someone to scratch it? Or some way of scratching it?

Aren’t you almost glad for the itch?

Now, we know that sounds weird: Don’t you enjoy an occasional hunger?

Because isn’t it more satisfying to eat when you are hungry?

There is a Sweet Spot between not being quite where you want to be,

not in that perfect comfort, but not afraid that you can’t get their?

-And that is the way we would like you to regard PAIN.

Call it an itching that is being satisfied, rather than evidence of something gone wrong.

And than in that EXTRA-FOCUSED-ALLOWING, things can improve.

Even more!

It’s asking something of someone to feel unconditionally good, when there is physical discomfort.

But you can do it.


Abraham Hicks

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