Be The Visionary

“Imagine you are the head of a corporation. You have built it. It is your business and there are 100,000 people working in your corporation somewhere.

There are computer experts.

There are manufacturers.

There are inventors.

You have bookkeepers.

There are all kinds of people that play different roles in this massive organization, and you are the VISIONARY of this.

You dreamed it into place.

You keep your ear to the ground.

You know what the market is asking for and you get frequent ideas.

When you get an idea, you take pleasure mulling it over and bringing it to a stronger, clearer place for you.

You do not teach the computer people how to compute.

You do not teach the manufacturers how to manufacture.

In other words, there are people in place doing all of that.

You have one particular person that you talk to.

He is your MANAGER.

When you want something, you call your manager and you express to him as clearly as you can your VISION.

He hears you perfectly and he says: “Consider it done.”

And you have such faith and confidence in this manager because he has never let you down not even once.

He is like a magical being.

He knows so well the ins and outs of the business.

He knows every personality, their willingness and their talents and he has a way of magically put things together in orchestration and things always turn out as you envisioned it.

And we say, would you not adore having a manager like that?

And we say you do…it is Law of Attraction.

When you understand that LOA understands.

When you understand that the Universal forces are in place and are all working for you, then you will sometimes, in understanding that, step willingly into YOUR ROLE,


Abraham Hicks

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