Be Solid

“When you’re solid in your vibration, no-one can program you.

When you know your wellbeing, people can bring you all kinds of facts and figures about things that are happening around the world, and it does not jolt you from your place of knowing.

So if you think about what you are deliberately practising, musing, pondering, and you’re doing it with the intention of activating your point of attraction, and then you’re noticing what your point of attraction brings back to you ….


Invincibility is the game you’re playing for sure.


When you’re someone who believes in the vibration of Well-Being, the seas will part for you.

Heaven and Earth will move.

Things happen and you’re always the one who’d standing there unscathed, because your vibration does not allow other than that.”

  – Abraham Hicks   ❤️ 


If you’ve not already done so check out this video from our friend and Harvard psychologist Marion Neubronner at The Amazing You.

Marion is known for being the Harvard Psychologist that peak performers come to when they desperately need to win.

She’s trained Olympic Athletes who were secretly scared their winning streak was about to end.

Fortune 500 CEO’s who are facing crushing pressure from shareholders.

And Air Force Pilots who need to keep top marks if they want to keep their competitive spots.

And it’s all thanks to her unique 3 step formula to be unapologetic about what you want, uncover the awesome amazingness of you that already exists, and set yourself up for what she calls miracle manifesting.

Check it out here  




*Image for free by Winkelmann on Pixabay*


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