Some Powerful Chakra Balancing Techniques

Some Powerful Chakra Balancing techniques

Chakra balancing is the simple process of cleaning and clearing any of your chakra energy centers that may have become blocked.

These 7 chakra balancing techniques ( one for each of the 7 chakra energy centers ) are quick and easy ways to help you get in touch with your chakra energy and are courtesy of Chakra Mastery Trainer Carol Tuttle.

Why Chakra Balancing Techniques ?

The overall health of your body depends not only on the health of its parts, but also on the state of your life-force energy.

We live in a world where everything is thought of in the terms of quantity and physical properties. Our society functions based on a simple principle: things need to be measured and graded – only then can it be said that they have some kind of value. However, even in the sciences that have the greatest tendency of translating everything into numbers, we have come to the conclusion that the physical world is not what we thought it was, that matter is only a very small part of it.

It is interesting to note that the ancient cultures came to the same conclusion thousands of years ago. The Indian and Chinese people of the old world were aware of the fact that energy is as important as flesh when it comes to the overall health of the human body, and their technology was practically non-existent. Today we can learn about their achievements by reading the old manuscripts, and it may seem that, at least in some aspects, they are still ahead of us.

The modern western civilization is slowly becoming aware of the importance of the legacy of the ancient cultures, especially when it comes to the energy system and the healing methods.

Every human being has a complex energy system that is considered to be, at least in the Eastern medicine, one of the key elements of the organism as a whole. This is the system that is responsible for interacting with the energy of the outside world, both by receiving and transmitting it. The system can be visualized as a number of pathways that keep the energy flowing.

Pressure points, hundreds of them, are placed along the pathways, and they are what enables us to control and redirect the energy in our bodies. Dozens of methods have been developed for the purpose of manipulating the pressure points, and the most popular ones in the West are acupuncture, acupressure and reflexology.

Other than needles or putting pressure on certain parts of the body, you can also use your mind to take control of the energy of your body. This method is, of course, called meditation. We will now discuss how such a thing is even possible.

When we say chakras, we mean the energy system. In Sanskrit, chakra means energy, vortex and wheel. Chakras are the seven most important pressure points: root, sacral, solar plexus, heart, throat, third eye and crown chakra. Their main function is providing the body with all the energy it needs to be balanced and healthy. However, even a chakra can be damaged.

A damaged chakra can be the cause of all sorts of problems. Since the state of your energy affects not only the physical aspects of your life, chakras can cause emotional and spiritual difficulties as well.

One way of resolving the problems caused by blocked chakras is chakra balancing.

There are dozens of chakra balancing techniques: reiki, colour therapy, yoga, EFT or Emotional Freedom Technique, conscious breathing, meditation, guided visualization etc.

A Chakra balancing meditation is one of the best ways to open the blocked chakras on your own. With the basic understanding of how the energy system works, you will be able to affect it. The method is based on emptying your mind and focusing only on the chakras. By doing that, you channel your energy in the direction of the part of the body where it is placed. And since chakra is energy as well, you won’t need anything else to affect its state.

Chakra balancing with the help of visualization is also based on the technique of meditation. This technique will provide you with the best results, since the classic pose to meditate in has the additional benefit of aligning the chakras perfectly.

The mentioned chakra balancing method is, of course, based on visualization of your own chakras. Meditating in general enables you to focus on the chakra that is the source of your problems. The easiest way to do it is to breathe and to follow your own breath to the part in which the chakra is placed. After you’ve successfully focused on the blocked chakra, you can begin with the healing process, the process of chakra balancing. Many people find it difficult to open their chakra without first visualizing it as blocked. That is why this method relies on the great power of visualization, that is supposed to help you channel your energy in the right direction, and to make you open the chakra using your positive feelings and thoughts.

See the videos below from Chakra Mastery Trainer Carol Tuttle for some powerful chakra balancing techniques :

The root chakra is the one placed at the base of the spine. It affects your sense of survival.

The sacral chakra is located in the pelvis area, and it is the one that affects the levels of your energy, joy and passion.

The solar plexus chakra is the energy centre right above the navel, and it represents the feelings of lightness, hope and personal power.

The heart chakra can be found at the centre of your chest, and it affects the sense of tranquillity and balance.

The throat chakra is, of course, placed in your throat, and it is closely connected to creativity, truth and the way you express yourself.

The third eye chakra is also known as the brow chakra. It is placed between your eyes, and it represents the divine inspiration and the powers of healing.

The crown chakra is the one located at the top of your head, representing the your connection with the Divine and the cosmic understanding.

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