Create A Vibration Of Well Being

“We REALLY WANT YOU to come to the place where you expect well-being to be yours…

And you line up, with it on subjects of earthquakes and subjects of tsunamis, and subjects of hurricanes and subjects of cancer and subjects of not enough money.

You line up on it on every subject that you have the opportunity.

‘If I’m gonna think about this, I’m gonna find a way of thinking about it that I can live with.

If I’m gonna think about this, I’m going to find a way of lining my energy up with it.’

And when you make that emotional journey, again and again and again, before you know it, you’re someone who lives in a vibration of well-being.

And when you’re someone who lives in a vibration of well-being, the seas will part for you, heaven and earth will move,
things happen and you’re ALWAYS the one standing there unscathed.

Because your vibration does not allow other than that.”  – Abraham Hicks 🙏  🌏  ❤️  💫 

I think it’s pretty fair to say that we are living in some crazy times right now.

Every day you turn on the TV and there is some new and unique kind of craziness.

Schemes to block the sun?

Jurassic park mosquitoes?

Satan shoes?

Bug burgers?

That’s on top of the madness we have all had to endure since the beginning of last year.

I think we could all be forgiven for feeling a bit dejected right now.

BUT ……

At the same time……

Earth is going through a major UPGRADE.

What many are calling “THE GREAT AWAKENING.”

Light is pouring into earth…

And planetary frequencies are SPEEDING up.

Shining light on truth…

Exposing darkness…

Activating “sleeping DNA.”


And now…

As you can see in this video




You see,  in the past there’s been a DELAY between when you send your wishes out into the Universe…

And WHEN it finally arrives.

BUT NOW… that delay is VANISHING.

And with a simple 3 second bedtime ritual you can tap into this Moonlight Manifestation Window while you sleep.

Check it out here  ✅



*Image by Arek Socha on Pixabay*






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