Give In To The Success Of Your Dream

“How does somebody squelch a dream?

The only possible way that you can squelch a dream is by offering a vibration in opposition to it and practicing the opposing vibration – so that it´s so big, that it´s always present.

Give IN!

Give in to the success of your dream, and watch the resources of the universe back you up.

Give in to it! Give in to it!

Give in, to the inevitable achievement of ALL that you have vibrationally already become.

You know, it wouldn´t be painful, if you hadn´t already become it.” – Abraham Hicks

Do you ever feel like you’ve done all you were supposed to do…

You’ve set goals, focused on them, felt the outcome you want…

But you still aren’t getting the results you feel you should ?

Our friend Michael Beckwith thinks this is a common problem.

Especially among the law of attraction community that have seen The Secret and think they just have to look at pictures of the car, house, or boat that they want.

Michael thinks that there is something far bigger going on.

That as divine, spiritual beings we are here with a purpose.

That our soul has a vision and a plan for each and every one of us…

And it’s generally much bigger than the one we have for ourselves

And it is only by tuning into and aligning our dreams with our souls ultimate vision for our lives that we can experience life as it was truly meant to be lived.

On his upcoming free masterclass Michael will teach you how you find out your purpose — your GRAND MISSION in this world — and act with confidence day in, day out.

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He shares how to uncover the agenda of your soul so that every decision you make is aligned with your highest purpose.

Because the voice of the universe can never be wrong.

He will teach you how to mute out the voice of your ego and tune into the voice of the universe.

This is so timely in our world right now where a lot of conflicting messages about politics, career, relationships, parenting, and even nutrition bombard us to the point of utter confusion.

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