How Do You Squelch a Dream?

“How does somebody squelch a dream?

The only possible way that you can squelch a dream is by offering a vibration in opposition to it and practicing the opposing vibration, so that it´s so big, that it´s always present.

But now let´s say it in a more vivid real way:

“I haven´t been squelching my dream,

I´ve been at war with my dream!”

Because you can´t squelch it!

“I´ve been preventing myself from realizing my dream!”

-better terminology!

“I´ve been practicing a vibration, that is opposite to my dream,

and I practiced it long enough, that it comes easily to me.

And if my dream would just die, I would be in peace. But my dream won´t die. My dream won´t die- because it´s who I really am.”

And this is why we´re saying to you, friends:

You´ve got no choice if you wanna feel good, OTHER than to stop the battle against your own desires and dreams!

And the way you stop your battle….is by feeling for the thought, that feels BETTER !”

Abraham Hicks

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