If You Could Appreciate

If you could just be in a state of appreciation more consistently ….

You’ll notice a chronic alignment with the vibration that we would translate into appreciation, you seeing the world through the eyes of Source.

What you’ll notice is the world spinning in perfection.

What you’ll notice is that what you want is surrounding you at all times.

What you’ll notice is people who come to you are on your wavelength and interested in what you want to talk about and you they.

What you’ll notice is that your body is thriving and when you breathe deeply, it tastes good.

What you’ll notice is your body is sensual and tactile and the environment that surrounds you is loving and comforting.

What you’ll notice is that you are intelligent and that you have all knowing and that your timing is excellent.

What you’ll notice is that people are uplifted in your presence.

What you’ll notice is that the world is beautiful and that it is in balance.

What you’ll notice is wellbeing is the order of the day.

What you’ll notice is life is full and fast and fun and sweet.

What you’ll notice is you just want more, more, more of it!

What you’ll notice is sleeping isn’t very important to you, but focusing is.

What you’ll notice is music just ripples through your body in a way that you think you almost can’t endure it, it is so good.

And food and sex and all of those things that are tactile and delicious in nature are beyond description as you are participating in them.

What you’ll notice is the perfection of your beingness and what you would feel is the complete worthiness of who you are.

You would feel the love of that which is Source, of that which is us, of that which is your Inner Being wrapped through you and around you.

Not supporting you, because you don’t need support. You are Source Energy and you are flowing!

You find yourself feeling as you felt in the moment you made the decision to emerge.

And in the moment of emergence, you would feel rapturous anticipation about all that is possible.

You would feel sure about where you stand and knowing that where ever it is, it is right.

You would feel love for literally everyone that you laid eyes on, no matter who they are or what they are doing.

You would know value in the trouble that they’re stirring.

You would know value in the solutions they are seeking.

You would know value in their beingness and you would love them for being, you see.” – Abraham Hicks 🌏 ❤️💫 🙏 


When you reach the end of your lifetime and you’re reflecting back upon your life, what do you want to be able to say ?

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So that you can look back and say that you made all of your BIG dreams happen.

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Just make sure you use this secret with good intentions and an abundant mindset 😃




*Image by mohamed ramzee on Pixabay*

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1 thought on “If You Could Appreciate”

  1. The above words about appreciation gives me very much positive energy and positive vibrations. Hereafter am going to follow the appreciation mode of life, as in the past i was always in negative and fear mode.
    Thank you very much.


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