If You Would Just Appreciate

“If you could just get in the habit of appreciating every chance you get, you would be in the place of allowing so much good to flow into your experience, people who watch you would be sure that you had been granted a pass of well-being, before you were even born.

They would flock to you, they would say ….. “What is your secret?

How do you do this?

How is it that every time I hear you open your mouth and express even the slightest wish for something, the next time I see you, you’re living it fully?”

People will say ……  “How is it that you thrive financially,

How is it that you thrive emotionally,

How is it that the people in your life are loving,

How is it that your relationships are remarkable,

How is it that the physical accomplishments are so massive,

How is it that one wee person lives so big, so fantastic a life?”

That’s what people will say to you if you will just get in the habit of being an appreciator, get in the habit of being the allower of the well-being that you so much want and deserve.”

You need not know one other thing other than to appreciate – and you would open to all things good.

If it was the only thing you ever knew, you could live happily ever after, fulfill ever dream that you could ever conjure, be the brightest light in everyone you knows life’s, add more to this physical environment than anybody who’s ever been here or ever will be here. Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 


What if just “getting happy now” really was the key to everything we’ve ever hoped and dreamed for ?

Check out the video from our friend David at The Happiness Code.

It shows how Harvard researchers discovered a magnetic polarity in our brains that can be programmed and tuned to generate the thoughts, feelings and emotions that will “magnetize” the things and experiences we really want in our lives to us.

And how a simple morning ritual is all it takes.

Maybe it really is just as simple as Getting Happy Now 😀

Watch the video here ✅



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