It’s All For You

“Don’t you love knowing that it’s all for you?

Doesn’t it feel good to be in that spotlight?

Don’t you like being in that spotlight where everything that is occurring in your experience is a reflection of what you are doing vibrationally, what you are doing emotionally, how you are tending to your own point of attraction.

You’re powerful.

It’s time for you to just chill out and have more fun and make it simpler and don’t bring with you all the stuff you’ve picked up along your physical trail.

Just stand in your now and reach for the best feeling thought that you can find here and now – and watch what begins to happen.

To find a feeling without needing something to have produced it.

Just give yourself a chance to grow something that feels good by not starting with something that feels bad.

By not beginning the day by solving a problem, by not beginning the day by answering emails, by not beginning the day by trying to clean up the things you are tripping over, by not beginning the day in the hole.

Instead, beginning in that neutral place and just letting the Universe show you the goodness
that will come to you if you start in that neutral place, you see…..Ahhhh!

And then…..Once that momentum gets going!

Then the things that begin to happen are far more than emotions!

It’s rendezvousing with people and things coming into place and financial enterprises coming together and all kinds of things coming that just make you stand back, and most of the world stand back, if they were watching it in amazement at the blessedness that you are living, you see.

Nobody can understand you, no one will ever really get you.

Give up trying to get them to get you.

You’re not going to make them understand.

You cannot explain yourself to anybody.

Because nobody can get your point of attraction and the harder you try to explain to someone who’s not getting it who you are, the less you BE who you are.

You let them train you into their awareness of you.

You don’t want their awareness of you.

You want YOUR awareness of you.

Your warm, loving, appreciative wellbeing version of you.

The one that the Universe holds and tends to and knows and flows to you.” Abraham Hicks

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