Ignore Reality To Change It ?

“Facing reality just regurgitates reality. Now there’s plenty of reality that you want to keep replicated in your life experience, but you want to learn to be a more selective sifter. Abraham Hicks  🌏  ❤️ 💫  🙏 

With all the chaos and confusion and negativity placed right in our face and seemingly demanding our attention at the moment, how do we go about maintaining an element of balance and staying focused on the positive ?

Check out the full video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers Abraham Hicks with a simple but incredibly powerful technique for gaining control of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.

Also, have you checked out the video from our friend Dave Sanderson at Ultra Manifestation yet ?

Dave will show you the 60 second Ultra Manifestation Process that will kick start the alignment of your subconscious with the most powerful hidden law of the universe…

It might just change the way you look at the law of attraction, personal development and manifestation forever….

Click here to watch the video.




*Image by 358611 on Pixabay*

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