Just Let It Be

“It´s like a willingness to think no thoughts.
A willingness, to carve out time to do nothing.
A worthiness to not need to be productive.
A worthiness to just BE.

A worthiness to just allow source to wrap around you, and a worthiness to just BE.
A willingness to not need to be active.
A willingness to not need to do anything.
A willingness to just sit in the ethers.
A willingness to let source wrap around you and through you.

A willingness to just wait, until there is an impulse.
And a willingness, to let it be alright if there isn´t one.
A willingness to just let it be, whatever it be, without any control of it.
Without trying to make it something.
Without trying to understand it, just LET IT BE.
Let it be, just this silence-phase, where there is nothing for you to do, nothing that needs to be done.

Nothing that should be done.
Nothing that hasn´t been done.
Nothing that should have been done better.
Just a willingness, to just sit there, and BE.

Just sit there and be!
You, and source energy, just being.
You and source energy, just sitting there and being.
Source energy, just flowing through you, to every cell in your body.
Every cell in your body being refreshed and uplifted.
Not thinking of about it. It´s just happening.

It´s not your work.
It´s not something for you to think about doing.
It´s something that you are just LETTING BE. 

No more struggle. Just ease and flow, and ease and flow, and ease and flow.”Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫

How would you like to be able to receive manifestations rather than struggle to try and create them ?

Manifesting with ease and flow rather than effort and strain ?

Well as deliberate creators that is actually the way it is supposed to be.

Check out the video from our friend Croix Sather at Instant Manifestation.



Check out the video here

Croix will show you how you can reprogram your mind to become a super magnet to automatically attract UNLIMITED wealth, business opportunities, focus, happiness, life-long friends, inner peace and unstoppable self-confidence.

All by tapping into The Universal Vibrational Mind.

As Croix says “ The Vibrational Mind is what bridges you to Universal Consciousness.

It is where the real magic happens.

If the conscious mind is the top of the iceberg, and the SUB-conscious mind is the iceberg below the water, then the water is the Vibrational Mind.

This is what bridges you to everything, the universal connection and consciousness.”

In this video Croix will show you how to access the Vibrational Mind and how to align all three levels to, as he says “Turn your mind into an instant manifestation magnet.” 



*Image by Jill Wellington on Pixabay*


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