It’s A Sure Thing

“Whatever you want, is yours.

There is nothing off limits.

And it´s all a sure thing.

There is no urgency, there is nothing that needs to be done.

Because, in fact, everything has already been done!

You lived life, you did the sorting and sifting, and you did the asking.

And the asking was heard, and received, and has been tended to, and Law of Attraction has caused MOMENTUM to come.

And the cooperative components have been gathered.

And so, there is no urgency, you´re not going to the dock, and your boat has already come and gone, IT IS A SURE THING.

It´s BIG. And it´s CERTAIN.

And it´s expanding, and it´s growing.

And it belongs to you! It has all of your DNA connected to it.

Has all of your vibrational rockets, all of that encoding, it´s THERE FOR YOU.

It´s there, and it´s no urgency about when you allow it, or how much of it you allow, at any point in time.


It´s like a fruit that is ripe, and ready to eat, and in a holding pattern that it will ALWAYS remain ripe and ready to eat.

It will never get green again, and it will never rot and fall off the vine.

It´s always there. It´s right there, for your plucking.

In other words, it´s ready for you to get ready for it.

Now, how do you get ready for it?

Sometimes, you get ready for it just because you feel INTEREST.

So you meet what´s there, with a sort of soft interest in something, and then these nice thoughts begin flowing.

As you ALLOW them to flow, and you don´t introduce contradiction to them, then what happens is, they begin to gather more MOMENTUM.

And as they gather more momentum without resistance, then there is no struggle or stress or strain.

You can´t hype this, nor do you need to hype this.

It´s a sure thing. It´s certain!

The things that you want are CERTAIN.

You have asked. The Universe has answered. Now you have to find a way to get the valve open.

Next ! ….”  – Abraham Hicks

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