It’s About How I FEEL

“I can feel, that it isn´t about what I DO. It´s all about how I FEEL.

And my life recently has shown me, that if I try too hard, I go off, in a crazy direction!

And that – all along, it has been in the lack of trying.

And any time, I, myself, or anyone I have ever known, has shown me lack of trying – what they’ve really been showing me, is CONFIDENCE in who they are, and where they are.

Their trying amplifies their LACK of believe! -In themselves, in the laws of the Universe, in Source itself, in Wellbeing.

But in the absence of trying, there is a triumphant recognition, that my worthiness has NOTHING to do with my effort, or my trying.

That my worthiness has always been a vibrational recipe, that I NOW- through trial and error, have magnificently ACHIEVED.”Abraham Hicks   ❤️  


Ready to try a quick manifesting experiment ?

First, listen to this ONE SACRED SOUND FREQUENCY  for 60 seconds.

Then, follow these 3 steps…

# 1 – ASK for what you want

# 2 – POINT where you want it

And # 3?

Just one word… RECEIVE!

Check it out for yourself here.



*Image by DreamyArt on Pixabay*



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