Why Do I Want It? – Abraham Hicks

Why Do I Want It ?

“Apply this “What do I want?” and Why do I want it?” process to this, and feel yourself come alive.

And most of all feel the lack in your experience just sort of wither and die as you give less and less attention to that which brings the feeling of lack forth. 

So basically every time you get into that negative place about a subject ,

That’s the time to sit down and say “Well I know what I don’t want, what is it that I do want?” and then go off with it. 

This WHY process , use a little note book. 

It will keep you more singularly focused. Most of you when you say “What do I want?” you get off into too many different subjects at the same time.

But if you will write your way through it, it holds you in a more singular fashion, and you may find when you say :

“What do I want? And why do I want it?”,

That in the answer to “why do I want it?” new areas under your outline of your great topic of “What do I want and why do I want it”, you may have many sub-topics come forth in the “Why do I want it?” .

And after you have carried forth with each of those sub-topics, you may want to go back to the central issue and ask that question again to see if there are more sub-topics that come out. 

And if you do it with your notebook you can sort of flip back through your pages.

And hold your place in a more consistent manner, and really feel what you are feeling regarding any of these areas. 

And really FEEL where your vibration is. 

In some areas most things that you want – there are very few reasons that you want it.

But these very few reasons feather out into infinite life experiences that bog you down and overwhelm you!

Well, any one of those infinite life experiences may be the trigger that helps you feel lack!

And so, when you sit down and say “Why do I want it?” -then that feather of infinite experience will take you right back to a core issue.

Later in the day another fragment or feather will take you back to the core issue.

Later in the day another one will take you back to the core issue! 

Well, it doesn’t take many of those infinite little feathers of experience to take you back to a core issue, before you’ve resolved the core issue. 

You can make a lot happen fast with this process,

in terms of where you are vibrationally. It will amaze you! “

– Abraham Hicks

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