It’s Time

“Your vortex is filled to the brim with specific requests that you have put there.

And that you are deserving of the realisation of.

And it’s time for those realisations to be flooding into your experience at a rate that will astonish those who surround you.

It’s time for you to remember what you’ve put there and to bring it forward, active into your today experience.

Even though we express it to you from our powerful point of knowing we know that you don’t yet know who you are.

You don’t for the most part understand the important role you play in the expansion of all that is.

And it is our powerful desire that you now, here in your physical bodies allow yourself to be the recipients of the physical manifestations of those things that you have put there.

Because that was the plan.

You didn’t say …..

“I’ll go forth and fill up a vortex full of the things I care about and deny myself the realisation of them.

You said ….

“I’ll go forth and I’ll experience the fullness of all that.”

– Abraham Hicks    ❤️

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*Image by Sergio Cerrato on Pixabay*

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