Joyful Anticipation

“I love my eternally incomplete self.

I love my incomplete self because it is so fun to paint the picture.

Because it is so fun to paint the picture.

It is so fun to dream the dream.

It is so fun to live the contrast and give birth to something and know I’m not there.

Me. Vibrationally. Yet.

But the potential of it is alive and well.

And it is so much fun then to do my work , which is to bring myself up to speed with what I’ve given birth to.

And when I am believing my dream I’m in joyful anticipation of it.

And every piece of evidence that the Universe gives me is thrilling to me because I know that I’m on the path.”

Abraham Hicks   ❤️  

Check out the awesome quick video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers 

P.S. Have you checked out the video from our friend David at The Happiness Code yet ?

It might just be time to stop putting happiness off until when …

When I’ve moved there.

When I’m in this relationship.

When I’ve got that much.

Remember, you came here for happiness.

No better time than today to start allowing what you deserve.

Watch the video here ✅



 *Image for free by Petra on Pixabay*





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