Just For 2 Days

“Your reality is the platform you bounce off of.

But if you let it be what you are giving your undivided attention to, your reality will hold you apart from your motion forward.

You have to find a way to put reality where it belongs which is past tense, old news.

What’s already manifested isn’t where the sweet spot is, isn’t where the action is, isn’t where the energy is, isn’t where the fun is, isn’t where the leading edge is, it isn’t where the new ideas are.

It’s the hatching of the new idea, it’s the experiencing of the new rendezvous.

It’s the turning the vibration into a thought.

It’s the receiving of the thought.

It’s the emotional feeling of worthiness that the thought has come.

And the emotional feeling of positive expectation that that is going to amount to something.

And every single thing you want no matter what it is ….

Material object, state of being, lover in your bed, pile of money, doesn’t matter what it is.

Every single thing you want is because you believe you will feel better in the having of it.

So if we can get you to just for two days, just for two days say …

“What’s the FEELING that I am reaching for ? What’s the FEELING ?”

– Abraham Hicks   ❤️ 


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*Image by Hellocreatio on Pixabay*





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