It’s Ready To Burst

“Can you acknowledge that you don’t need something to be specifically in the moment of appreciating to feel appreciation.

You can actually feel it before it comes.

That’s the key.

You don’t need a motive to appreciate.

And in not looking, not having an ulterior motive, in just getting there, then the world is your oyster.

Everything will flow to you easily, and is.

You’ve been sifting and sorting and asking and putting it in your vortex.

It’s been culminating there, it’s been gathering, it’s prepared itself for you being ready for it.

It’s better now than it was when you first put it there because you put other things in there with it that all morph together.

And so your vortex, your vibrational reality is ready to burst onto the scene in the moment that you stop vibrationally disallowing it.”

 – Abraham Hicks   ❤️ 


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*Image by asmuSe on Pixabay*





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