Let It Flow With Ease

“There’s a cheque book game. Where you deposit a thousand dollars into your account, vibrational dollars, and you spend that thousand dollars ( mentally.)

On the second day you deposit two thousand, and spend them.

On the third day you deposit three thousand, and spend them.

On the three hundred and sixty fifth day you deposit three hundred and sixty five thousand, and spend it.

So as you are spending this money vibrationally, as you are mentally spending it, whats happening is, you are creating outlets out there, for it to go.

When you create a vibrational outlet, it draws you and everything for the accomplishment of it through you.

That’s what eagerness is, that’s what passion is, that’s what your feeling of enthusiasm is.”

 – Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌎 ❤️ 💫 

Check out the powerful quick video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers “ Be Done With the Struggle. Let The Money Flow With Ease.” 

I’m sure you’ve heard the often repeated statistic that humans only use about 8% of their DNA?

Well this is something pretty cool.

In this short video, you’ll find out why NASA scientists believe that little-known fact is the key to prosperity and abundance.

You’re about to discover how you can activate and balance your Spiritual DNA using a special, science-based technique and some secret NASA experiments that confirm ancient 500 BC chakra teachings.

Check it out and decide for yourself.

Watch the video here




*Image by Guy Pendlebury on Pixabay*


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