You Have Teams of Non Physical Assistance

“It’s important for you to know that you are the creator of your own reality.

But it’s also important for you to know that you have teams, throngs, of non physical assistance – that you’ve not been accessing in your attitude of ‘I need to go this alone.’

We want you to understand that not only do you not need to go it alone, it’s not possible for you to go it alone.

But it is possible for you to choose disc’s where your help isn’t, and then have a harder journey on your way to where you don’t want to go!

Whereas, you put all of this together, and you acknowledge that the path is an easy one and that it’s well lighted, and if you do just this simple work that we’ve been talking about, so that the path does light up.

Then not only will it be a path of ease but it will be a path of Chronic Happiness!

And then you’ll feel like that invincible being, where you’re waving this magical wand and anything that you point at will open for you!

And those who are standing back watching you, who have not been privy to the vibrational exchange, who don’t know that LOA is managing the Universe, and who do not understand that they are emitting a vibration that is being responded to…

They will watch you in Amazement!

And they will call you things like Lucky! 

They will call you things like Fortunate! 

They will marvel at the good fortune that comes to You!

But they will not understand that you are now … ‘The Deliberate Creator Of Your Experience.’

And it’s not magic, it’s ‘Cashing In The Vibrational Currency’ that you’ve always had access to.

We don’t even need to tell you to spend it wisely, because it never stops flowing!

Spend it with Fun … And with Eagerness!! … And Often!!!”

 – Abraham Hicks



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