Lighten Up

“If we could parade before you just the MASTERS you have revered as a culture EVERYONE OF THEM would tell you….

“I wouldn’t give up ONE miserable moment. Because everyone of them helped me become, who I ultimately am.”

So LIGHTEN UP, accept that you live in a world of diversity, and balance and variety.

And BLESS this world, because out of it, you have carved your ideas of who you are, and what you want.

Which are dominant!

Acknowledge, that the source within you is wrapped all around all of that what you want, and is looking to you and through you, for the fulfillment of all of it.

Acknowledge that it doesn’t matter, what negative or contrasting components have helped you to come to those conclusions!

They are non-issues now, because they did their work.

You’ve launched the rocket, it has become a vibrational reality.

The source within you is there, offering the vibration of that reality in such a powerful way, that….

IF YOU ARE NOT DOING THAT THING YOU DO to block that, that you will find yourself in a vibrational place, where you will receive inspiration.

And the vibration of that will turn into a thought, and into an emotion, and then to words, and then to behaviour.

And then to material objects.”Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 


The process of manifestation, of “turning thoughts to things” is what we are all doing on our law of attraction journey.

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*Image by Ryan Mcguire  on Pixabay*



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