Listen To YOU

“We see so many of our friends, who are setting aside the guidance that comes forth from within and trying to replace it with someone else’s version of what they ought to be doing.

And what happens with that is, that there are so many others who have different opinions about what you ought to be doing, which adds to the confusion of the vibrational mix that you are offering.

One says, “Go this way,” one says, “Go this way,” one says, “This is better,” another says, “This is better.”

And what almost all of you fail to recognize — and this is the most astonishing thing of all — is that every one of them is speaking about what they think you should do to satisfy their personal perspective.

So, in essence, what they’re saying is, “You should set aside your personal perspective and you should follow mine, which matters more.”

And we say: “Or not!”

Nobody’s perspective matters more than yours because nobody can tend to your vibrational countenance. Nobody can adjust the vibration of you. Nobody else has their hand on the lever or on the valve that controls the degree to which you allow your alignment or not, and when you let someone else guide you, so that you’re not paying attention to your own alignment with Source, you can get mixed upside down and all around to the degree that you do not know what to think about anything, and then you’re just listening to the loudest voice.

And the loudest voice, we’ve got to tell you, can get pretty obnoxious because that loudest voice always comes from a basis of fear. The loudest voice never comes from this place of security and acknowledging freedom and alignment with Source Energy. The loudest voice always comes from the place of the greatest fear. And then you listen to the loudest voice that comes from the place of the greatest fear, and then you wonder why things are not working out so well….

And we’re wanting you to understand, it’s not the loudest voice, it’s the consistent voice. It’s the voice that does not waver. It’s the voice that never stops saying to you:

“You are worthy, and you are love, and you are well-being, and you deserve to live well.” It’s the voice that never stops saying, “Well-being abounds, and Source Energy flows,” and if you will work to align with the vibration that feels like that, you must thrive.

And no one can ever take your thriving away from you. No one can take your freedom away from you.”

– Abraham Hicks


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