Living Life Perfectly

“Living life perfectly from our perspective is awareness, awareness of how I feel.

So that I am aware, if I am fighting the current or going with it.

That is THE best definition of perfect living that we can think of!

If you say ….. “I am where I am. And I’ve been doing what I have been doing. And what’s manifested has manifested, but I am still an active flower and I choose this, I am still an active flow-er and I choose this.”

Then your life is good now and getting better and better and better and better and better.

If you let if be about how you feel, and you deliberately choose what feels best, then not only is everything that you have been asking for going to begin to manifest in your experience, but you are going to have fun even before it manifests.

And that really is what we are wanting to guide you toward!

It’s nice to have your lover finally get there. And it’s nice to finally live in the house of your dreams. And it’s nice to take that vacation you have been planning for… we are not trying to talk you out of your manifestations.

But we want you to make a decision, that right now could be better than  I have been letting it through the power of my mind.

And once you accept that change and once you accept that you are the keeper of that gate, and once you start deliberately reaching for the stream flowing, once you give yourself the license to relax just a little bit and just go, once you stop trying to control conditions that are the results of energy already flowed- in other words, once you are trying to control a condition, it’s a little too late.

Don’t waste your time trying to control conditions.

The way you control conditions ….. you control future conditions by flowing energy, that’s what we would do!

Everything is all right, the earth is spinning, the weather is happening, the gravity is in place, the law of attraction is in place, your vibrational escrow is full of wonderful things.

Let go of everything that you can’t do anything about, which is just about everything.

Let go of it, and let your natural life cause you to ask, and then spend one hundred percent of your diligence making sure that you are pointed down stream.

And it is our promise to you that you will live happily ever after!

And you will be a bright shining light for everyone who crosses your path, and you will rendezvous with those who are ready to hear your story.

And what will your story be? ………

“Life is good. Life is supposed to be fun.

And we are promised well being and everything I want is downstream.

And nothing that I want is upstream.

And when I feel good I am in alignment with who I am and when I am in alignment with who I am, I’m living the fullness of Who I Am right now.

I’m fulfilling my greatest of promises to me. I am letting me be me.”

– Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌎 ❤️ 💫  


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