We Love Your Unsolveable Problems

“We just love it when you have unsolvable problems.

Because then you do the only thing that ever works anyway.

As long as you’ve got any other avenue, you’ll be out there wobbling your ass off!

And we’re not trying to talk you out of action.

We’re just wanting to talk you into Alignment first, and then inspired action.

Just don’t take problems and bring them to the forefront.

Let them be.

In other words, get wobble-free, and then…

Get on your high-flying disc, and then…

Get into the vortex and then…

Create your vibrational atmosphere and then…

Let it be about energy. Let it be about emotion.

Let it be about the way you feel.

And then watch what happens.

And stay off the challenging subjects for now.

Stay off the challenging subjects FOREVER.

Stay off the challenging subjects FOREVER!

The challenge is where the wobble is.

It’s not where the energy is. You cannot get there from there.

Because, when you start wobble-free,

and Law of Attraction gets momentum going…

It gets going, it gets going, it gets going…

you feel it, you feel it, you feel it… and you become invincible!

And everybody around you sees it, you see?

Get in your center and watch Law of Attraction help you out.

And understand… if you can understand… please understand…

we want you understand… we want you to know what we know.

You are pretty much knowing what we know. Can you feel it?

So now we’re gonna tell you what we know, because most of you are feeling resonance with what we know.

Source is on your side.

Source know WHO-YOU-ARE and where you are

in relationship to everything you want.

All of this is lined up for you. Spot light shined all over the place…

Spot light shined all over the place on path of least resistance for you.

Go there. Call this one. Feel this. Do this. On the path unfolding.

We’re not kidding you about that.

And when you’re chilled, when you’re happy, when you’re easy…then the ideas just flow so easily to you,

and you begin to feel that magic carpet ride,

you begin to feel that worthiness.” Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 


We all know that with the law of attraction it’s all about what we are sending out.

After all we can’t attract what we are not a vibrational and energetic match to.

Check out this quick quiz from our friends at Manifestation Hero to find out what YOU are sending out into the Universe   



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