Make It Easy For Yourself

“It’s so easy to just positively anticipate, if you haven’t been negatively anticipating ( just now ).

Make it easy for yourself.

Meditate early in the day, segment intend as best you can and don’t try so hard to make this about thinking.

Let it be about receiving a thought.

You are the one who is going to allow the vibrations to turn to things that you can then witness.

But if you need to see the things before you acknowledge the vibration then you don’t get there because when you look for the things that aren’t things yet then you get off on a wonky vibration that doesn’t let you perceive the becoming of the things.

And it’s the becoming of the things that is so much fun.

You are a creator wanting to create and you are also the creation.

But it is the experience of becoming that is what life is all about.

You’re not ever going to get it done.

You’re not ever going to say “Well I did it and now I’m done.”

So once you let what you’re reaching for be the process of becoming rather than the thing that has become, then everything starts to shift for you.”

 – Abraham Hicks   ❤️


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*Image by Hilke Fromm on Pixabay*


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