Our Number 1 Asset

I’m sure you’ve heard of Robert Kiyosaki.

He’s the guy who wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad.

Great book by the way.

There were only a few points he made in that book.

One of them was understanding what an asset is.

He said it is something you own that makes income for you.

A job is not an asset because you don’t own it.

A car is not an asset unless it’s making money for

He talked about how the wealthy are wealthy, because they are always increasing their assets.

That means they are increasing the things they own that make them money.

So what is the greatest asset we own?

Truth is, it’s our MINDS.

The MIND of a self-made millionaire is more valuable than ANY physical object he or she owns.

That’s because they can loose it all… and they can make it all back. Because they know how.

If you’d like to know what differentiates the brains of the super successful check out this video from our friends at “The Millionaires Brain Academy.”

This is all about developing the habits and attitudes for success and wealth.

Go here to watch the video.


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