Partners & Soulmates

Are there such things as soulmates ?

Is there one special person out there for all of us ?

Here’s the law of attraction perspective on partners and soulmates from our favourite law of attraction teachers Abraham-Hicks.

The video below shows Abraham taking to a lady who has recently discovered that her partner has been cheating on her.

“Partners allow you to discover what your power of attraction truly is.”

Your soulmate will give you grief – if he’s really a good soulmate.

What you really want in a relationship is expansion. What you really want is your own clarity. What you really want is an introduction to your own Guidance System. What you really want is self-sufficiency. What you really want is autonomy. You want to be able to stand out there anywhere with anyone.

You want to say to anyone…

“Bring it on because my happiness doesn’t depend upon the way you behave. My happiness depends upon my ability to focus.”

Our friends at have a pretty cool fun gift for you if you’d like some more information on your soulmate relationship.

Check it out here

Just click on the deck of cards to get started.


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