Prepare For What You Want

“I’ve been wanting to move to Seattle for about a year.

I love the North West, I love the mountains, the feeling I get when I see the sunrise coming over the cascades and watch it set behind the Olympics.

And beautiful Puget Sound and the smell of the air and the evergreens.

I’ve lived there 20 years and I’ve been here 20 years and now I kind of want to go back.

And I’ve been visualising that and feeling that, and some doors have opened just recently for me to go back.

But then my head takes over and says “ are you really ready to go, and some fear creeps in.”   ❤️  

Check out the video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers talking to a gentleman about how to get clear on a decision.

It’s one of our favourites as it’s very funny and a long way around …..

But ultimately it’s fantastic advice for anyone wanting some clarity when they have an important decision to make, whatever it may be.

“The whole secret of a successful life is to find out what is one’s destiny to do, and then do it.” – Henry Ford 

When you reach the end of your lifetime and you’re reflecting back on your life what do you want to be able to say ?

That you lived with love, honour, integrity, purpose ?

That you went after and lived your BIG dreams ?

I want to share with you this video from our friend Heather Matthews.

In it she will tell you about the “Destiny Tuning Principle” that so many people miss from the law of attraction and the one thing she believes is the “missing piece” holding so many people back from manifesting the lives they really want….

And living their BIG dreams !!

Click here to watch the video now

Heathers system shows you how to use the “Destiny Tuning Principle” (which is explained in the video) to Tune to your natural destiny of prosperity, happiness, love and more.

Just make sure you use this secret with good intentions and an abundant mindset 







*Image by Shoot It Raw on Pixabay*


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