Return To Your Power

“A human being is part of a whole called by us “Universe.”Albert Einstein 

Did you know that Einstein was actually one of our first law of attraction teachers ?

He was the first to document what he called “The Observer Effect.”

Which basically states that you… the Observer… are ONE… with the Observed.

You are ONE in essence with what you’re observing… RIGHT NOW.

A unified field, alive, pulsing, that you are effecting in every moment with every thought, word and vibration.

And it reacts and reflects back to you in every moment.

One field, one vortex of creation.

And we influence this field with our vibrations, our thoughts.

If we put into it thoughts of negativity, scarcity, worry and lack……. That is what it reflects back to us !

It has no choice.

It is a neutral field.

It reacts and reflects back to us what we put into it.

We are powerful creator beings. Influencing this field all day every day.

But somewhere along our trail we have picked up thoughts and beliefs that do not serve us.

 “Money doesn’t grow on trees.”

“No pain, no gain.”

“You haven’t paid your dues.”

“You have to prove yourself.”

So how do we go about cutting through all the clutter and step back into our natural power influencing this field in the way we are supposed to ?

Check out this video from our friends at The Wealth Compass.

It will show you how a simple piece of audio technology, piped through your headphones, can tune us back into the natural states of ease, flow, abundance and joy that we are actually supposed to exist in.

As our favourite law of attraction teachers Abraham Hicks say “You can hold the cork under the water, but when you let it go, it will jump right back to the surface”

Watch the video here.




*Image by Rob de Roy on Pixabay*


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