The Leverage of Ease

“We want you to put the word ease, easy, in one of your good piles.

Because there are a lot of people who believe that ease means lazy.

And we want you to know that ….

Ease means leverage.
Ease means alignment.
Ease means lining up with the power, energy and resources of who you are.

This is what deliberate creating is…..

It’s finding a moment in time that is pleasing, and then holding yourself there as long as you can.

There is a leverage in that that most do not understand.”  Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 

In our modern world there is so much of  a tendency to focus on what is wrong and on trying to fix it.

Because of the way he have been conditioned we could have twenty things going right in our life, one thing that is going wrong and we have been taught to put all our energy and focus on the one thing that is wrong and try to wrestle it to the ground.

The only problem from a law of attraction perspective is that this isn’t possible.

This need to focus on what is wrong and to not want to be happy until we have fixed that condition can mess up the twenty things that are going right.

Because all our thoughts, emotions and vibration is about what’s going wrong.

So the universe has no choice but to say…“Here’s some more, here’s some more”.

So how do we go about switching our focus from what is wrong to the things that are going right, and just let the universe take care of it ?

Checkout this video from our friends over at Manifestation Magic.

It contains what they call the ultimate manifestation tool.

This simple but powerful manifestation tool emits a wave of sound that clears out the root cause of low vibration, lack of money, opportunity and hope in life.

Simply by relaxing and listening you can take your mind off your worries that are holding you in a frequency you don’t want.

And create some space to let the universe work it’s magic on those issues for you.

This tool is not just for the manifestation of money and abundance but for anything you are looking to manifest in your life.

Watch the video to see this manifestation tool in action for yourself.





*Image by Melk Helgelslag on Pixabay*



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