Some Self Talk

If you are one of those people that feels like their mind just takes over and at times you have no control over it.

That you’d like to be able to focus on positive thoughts but can’t really get them to stick.

Sometimes the problem is that we try and make too big a jump.

Sometimes the answer is just to go a bit lighter and more general.

To not try and do it all at once 🙂

“Say to yourself things like…..

“The laws of the Universe seem to be consistent and I think I sort of get how they work. And Law of Attraction does make sense on many levels. And it’s nice that I don’t have to figure this out all at once. I like gaining insight and I’m so much clearer about who I am than I once was. I understand that vibration and emotion are tied together quite often.

I’m really happy with how I mostly feel. I’m really happy with how my life mostly is. I like being a deliberate creator. I like focusing. I’ve always been pretty good at it.

I’m a good communicator and I communicate well in my own mind often before I speak. I mull things over in my mind before I speak. I’m very deliberate in what I talk about. And I like being very deliberate about what I think about. I like being a deliberate creator and I like living in this time when the energy is moving fast. And, OH, I SO appreciate so much of the life I’ve lived that has caused me to put so many things in my Vortex.

I can feel so many things are ripening there and I like knowing that I’m getting ready for them. I have a lot of evidence of being ready for it. Lots of things have been moving for me. I can really feel that I’m on the right path here and now and I’m beginning to turn my attention to a lot of things that have been on my mind for some time but I’m just gonna approach it different this time. I’m just gonna be gentle and easy about it.

I know that my Vortex of creation has gathered up everything that matters to me. I can feel that through my life experience I’ve put things into my Vortex bit by bit, piece by piece, subject by subject. I’ve amended and amended and amended and amended my desire. I can feel that I’ve ratcheted it up really really big. I can feel the power of this project. I can feel the amassing of power around it.

I know that I’m really on to something good here. I am so excited about the way it will unfold. I don’t need to know everything every step along the way. I know it will be revealed to me as it is necessary.

I’m getting smarter and wiser and clearer and more sure. That’s what impulses are, that’s what intuition is. I’ve always been a very intuitive person. I have all kinds of insight that flows to me. I know everything’s working out really good. I know I’m exactly on the right track. I so love this life experience.

I so love deliberate creation. I’m so looking forward to what’s ahead of me. I’m so in love with where I am and eager for what’s coming. I… I LOVE deliberate creating!”  – Abraham Hicks


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