Sync Up

The main reason I started this website was to combine my two main passions, the law of attraction and digital marketing.

I’m pretty lucky in that I get to write about stuff I love every day and share it with like-minded people.

So I thought I’d share one of my favourite pieces of advice from my favourite law of attraction teachers Abraham-Hicks to help you in whatever work you will be doing today….and tomorrow.

“The only thing that you can do, the only power that you have, 

the only creative power you have, 

the only ability you have to deliberately create,

the only effective thing that you can do is

… sync up with source. 

That’s all you can do. Sync up. Sync up. 

Sync up. Sync up. All the other work’s been done. 

Sync up. 

And THEN follow the impulse. Period.”

We sometimes get so bogged down with the day to day tasks that we bury ourselves in that we can’t see the wood for the trees.

Take 10-15 minutes before jumping into your work to feel good.

Meditate, vision board, listen to your favourite music.

Even work out, take a walk.

And then get into your work from a place of positive momentum and attraction…..and follow the impulses!

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