The 11 Forgotten Laws

Learn The 11 Forgotten Laws

The 11 Forgotten Laws are the 11 laws that star of “The SecretBob Proctor believes govern our Universe.

As one of the major contributors to the original movie, Bob is one of the world’s foremost authors and speakers on the law of attraction.

The laws follow on from the original movie as Bob seeks to answer the question.

“Why after the release of this ground breaking movie and book, and with the idea of the law of attraction now in the public consciousness for the first time, have we just gone through one of the worst financial crashes of all time ?”

Bob believes the answer is that the law of attraction is actually incomplete.

And that there are in fact 11 natural laws that govern our existence here on this planet with the law of attraction being just one of them, albeit an important one.

Bob has devoted 40 years of his life to the study of the law of attraction and has benefited thousands of lives through his seminars, books, courses and coaching.

His research and study has led him to believe that to a large extent our behaviours, habits and actions are often controlled subconsciously.

That the false beliefs we have picked up, even from our earliest days of childhood, and from our culture and social groups, unconsciously condition us to accept limiting views our existence that lead us to lives of struggle and scarcity, even without knowing that we are doing it.

Bob thinks that what is called for is a paradigm shift in our thinking, and knowing these 11 forgotten laws can give us the tools to do it.

1. Law of Thinking – Whatever your dominant thoughts are are what you become.

2. Law of Supply – There is an infinite supply that almost magically materializes if you ask in the proper way. The word ask actually is a combination of the words “claim” and “demand”.

3. Law of Attraction – Also considered the Law of Momentum. We were born to expect good things, and when we expect them to happen they will.

4. Law of Receiving – We should give freely, like without worrying if we’ll even have enough for ourselves. When we give from the proper “place” in our hearts, we are always able to receive more and better than we can even imagine.

5. Law of Increase – Also called the Law of Praise or Appreciation. What are you praising/complaining about? You increase whatever you are praising.

6. Law of Compensation – We get back what we put out, so if we are mean, we experience others being mean back to us. If we are loving, we will experience a lot of love back. Plus, we must BE it, before we can SEE it.

7. Law of Non Resistance – When we experience problems, we should not put such a negative vibration/emotion into it, but instead, to not resist but turn the other cheek.

8. Law of Forgiveness – We must be forgiving by forgiving ourselves and then others, and eventually people we have harmed may forgive us as well. It begins within us though.

9. Law of Sacrifice – We must give up something in order to gain something else. Make a careful choice about what you would give up in order to gain.

10. Law of Obedience – Surrendering to the Universe is a great feeling! Life was meant to be easy, and obeying your inner guide, which will only lead to your happiness, is fun.

11. Law of Success – What do you believe, that you can accomplish something, or that you can’t? What you believe is all that matters.

Learn more on the 11 forgotten laws here.

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