The Certainty Of Well-Being

“If you really understood this vibrational reality as we do, you would do nothing other than try and release negative thought and get feeling good.

That’s what you’d be doing all day every day.

Someone would say “Want to watch the news” and you’d say “No way.”

You would care so much, if you even had an inkling about the magnificence that you’ve lined up for yourself in your vortex, you would put up with not one negative conversation, you would not utter a complaint, you would train yourself into complete vibrational compliance with who you really are.

If you could just catch a glimpse of the bigness that you’ve carved out for yourselves.

If you knew the care of your vortex and the certainty of well-being that is ear marked and place marked and held lovingly for you, you’d just decide to get in it and you would decide that everything else is really a waste of time.

You would say ….

“Life and my exposure to it has caused me to create the perfect life that’s all shored up and waiting for me , how can I get in ?”

You would selfishly decide how to become an aligned being with the life that you have carved out, that’s what you would do.

And the good news is you don’t have to wait for anybody to figure it out, you can just go to the vortex and live happily ever after.

And anyone not in the vortex cannot negatively affect you if you’ve trained yourself into compliance with the well-being that your inner being holds steadily for you.”

– Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌏 ❤️ 💫 

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*Image by Albrecht Fietz on Pixabay*

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