The More You Appreciate

“The more I appreciate the more comes to me.

The more I make peace with where I am and the more I appreciate whatever I give my attention to.”

But for most people that sounds so simplistic there just has to be more.

It is exhilarating to stand in a place where you know what you don’t want which causes you to become consciously aware of what you do want and then recognise that it’s not easy to think about what you do want because what you don’t want is more active.

And then make a decision that you’re going to make what you do want on this subject more active than what you don’t want.

So then , through the power of your mind you make some lists of positive aspects  and you deliberately think a better feeling thought until you’ve trained your vibration into a better feeling place and then the fun really starts.

Because now the Universe starts showing you now that you’re a co-operative component, it starts showing you how much it can deliver to you that matches that.

So just avalanches of ….

“How about this, well you like that ?”

“How about this, well you like that ?”

“How about this?”

Until you begin to feel the power of the directing of your thoughts relative to everything.

It is so exhilarating.

You are a creator and when you are deliberately creating it is over the moon.

And you can’t turn it off, you’re always creating.

Creating deliberately is so much fun and creating by default, not so much fun.

But delivering a thought on purpose and shoring it up with intentionality, and feeling it click into place until it’s naturally how you feel and what you think, and then watching the Universe respond to that active vibration within you ….

That is fun !”

Abraham Hicks   ❤️ 


P.S. Have you checked out the video from our friend David at The Happiness Code yet ?

It shows how Harvard researchers discovered a magnetic polarity in our brains that can be programmed and tuned to generate the thoughts, feelings and emotions that will “magnetize” the things and experiences we really want in our lives to us.

And how a simple morning ritual is all it takes.

Watch the video here ✅



 *Image for free by Michael Pointner on Pixabay*





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