This Is Your Work

“100% of your work is to enhance your receptivity.

That’s it.

Enhance your receptivity.

Which means be as happy as you can be.

Be as rested as you can be.

Be having as much fun as you can have.

Feel as good as you can feel.

You’re wanting to enhance your receptivity.”   Abraham Hicks   ❤️ 

Check out the awesome video below from our favourite law of attraction teachers “This Is The BIG Piece. 100% Of Your Work Is This.” 

Have you seen the Manifesting Movie yet?

Some people are calling it The Secret v2.

It’s a powerful 30-minute documentary that unveils the SECRET behind the scientifically-proven 5-Step Manifesting Technique.

You’ll discover why 94% of people FAIL with the Law of Attraction.

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Watch the movie here.





*Image by AgEGlobalGroup on Pixabay*


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