When You Know It

“No matter how much you want, if instead of moving through time knowing and expecting, you are moving through time tentatively, hopefully, doubtfully, then your creation moves through time with you. It keeps eluding you.

But when you know it is there, it moves towards you.

And the time between your launching in creation in thought and receiving in this experience is very short.

Not only is the time shorter, you are joyful in the interim!

Think of a time when you expected some surprise, like your Birthday, or Christmas.

Think about that joyous anticipation.

And now superimpose that sort of feeling.

Set forth your desired creation in thought.

Think about them so much, that the LOA helps them be clear for you. So much so, that you launch the creation with emotion, with powerful emotion.

And then consider it done.

And now, knowing that it is there, just as the building is there, just as your prize on your birthday is there, move through time – joyously expecting, knowing that it will be there.” – Abraham Hicks  🌏  ❤️ 💫  🙏 

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*Image by Antonio Lopez on Pixabay*

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