Get Happy In Any Way You Can

“Have we made our explanation too complicated ?

We want to give our words to you in an easier to remember format.


In any way you can.

Do anything that you can do to get happy.

Get happy in your mind.

Find a way to make such peace with where you are that you allow your gap to close.

That’s what getting happy is.

It’s making peace with where you are.

Because if you make peace with where you are, this vortex that is spinning will suck you right in to the perfection of all of it.

Get Happy….. Simplistic we know.”  Abraham Hicks 🙏 🌎 ❤️ 💫 ✅

To be honest, and for many of us just “getting happy” is not the easiest thing to do.

We have been so programmed to believe that we will be happy when …..

When the money comes.

When the new house comes.

When the lover arrives.

But what if we could flip that switch inside of us ?

And generate those happy feelings now…..

So that we then automatically and magnetically attract those things to us effortlessly, with ease and flow.

Check out the video from our friend David at The Happiness Code.

It shows how Harvard researchers discovered a magnetic polarity in our brains that can be programmed and tuned to generate the thoughts, feelings and emotions that will “magnetize” the things and experiences we really want in our lives to us.

And how a simple morning ritual is all it takes.

Watch the video here




*Image by Son Nguyen Dinh on Pixabay*





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