You Are The Manifestation

“You are sources manifestation, long-dreamed of.

You are the manifestation bringing endless satisfaction to that which is your Source.

What we just said to you is …… We wish that you felt about you like we feel about you.

And when you begin to feel about you like we feel about you, everything that you’ve ever desired will become a reality instantaneously.”  – Abraham Hicks  🌏  ❤️ 💫  🙏 

Want to step up your manifestation game into the realms of Miraculous Manifesting ?

Check out the video here.

It’s a pretty weird video about houses burning down, meeting your archangel and a powerful new method of getting “unstuck” in your life by using this simple method to boost your vibration and become a real manifesting magnet.

Because when vibrating at a higher level, you feel lighter, happier, and more at ease, whereas lower vibrations feel heavy, dark, and confused.

Our goal is to maintain this high vibration using this simple “mind control hack”.

At this heightened frequency, better opportunities gravitate towards us and we begin to attract our ideal relationships, careers and abundance into our lives, like magnets.

Once our energy (our vibration) is in alignment, we find ourselves more supported by the Universe than ever, watching our dreams unfold into realities.

Check out the video here.



*Image by Michael Bubmann on Pixabay*

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